Accelerating and Securing Applications at the Edge :: Rochester Security Summit

Accelerating and Securing Applications at the Edge

Presented by Peter Brecl

In today’s digital economy, the underlying applications and workflows that power organizations must be agile, secure and perform in an optimal manner. As workloads and data move closer to end users, development teams battle legacy infrastructures that are inflexible and unable to scale – slowing down innovation, constricting development cycles and reducing application security and performance. To accelerate and secure modern web experiences, we must rethink how we deploy end-to-end application defenses, ensuring availability and application layer security. Learn how containerized environments can be service-chained to build out a multilayered security policy, giving organizations the flexibility to customize security stacks across best-in-breed WAF, bot management and API protection solutions while delivering policies tailored to individual workflows.

Peter Brecl, Director of Product Management, Security at CenturyLink

Peter Brecl is director of product management for global security products at CenturyLink. He is responsible for the managed security services portfolio, specifically CenturyLink’s Distributed Denial of Service mitigation, web application protection, Security Log Monitoring and threat intelligence solutions, integral products for customers looking to protect their networks.