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Delving into Digital Fraud – Report Reveals Trends

Presented by Angel Grant

Digital transformation is making it easier not only for legitimate organizations to expand their reach but also for fraudsters and other bad actors to expand theirs. Hear the results of a research study into the digital developments, market forces and regulatory pressures that are driving this shift in how fraudsters and others commit their crimes, as well as how anti-fraud forces fight them. The session will cover three key trends gleaned from this research and provide an understanding of how digital transformation becomes both a critical contributing factor in the problem of growing cyber risks today.

Angel Grant

Angel Grant is CMO, RSA Fraud and Risk Intelligence at RSA Security and current member of the Board of Advisors at the PCI Security Standards Council. Before that, she served as the Director of Product Marketing for the Identity, Fraud and Risk Intelligence at RSA. Grant has more than 20 years of experience in the security, eCommerce and financial services industries and is a visionary leader with a passion for developing security solutions to protect against cybercrime and make our digital world a safer place. She attended Bentley University and holds the CISSP certification.