Splunk Container-as-a-Service Powered by HPE GreenLake :: Rochester Security Summit

Splunk Container-as-a-Service Powered by HPE GreenLake

Presented by Dave Shore and Marty Poniatowski

Enterprises in all industries and of all sizes leverage solutions to provide insight into machine-generated data. As enterprises grow, so does the volume of such data and the need to analyze, identify data patterns, provide metrics, diagnose problems and provide intelligence for business operations. Until recently, expanding daily ingest rates required significant investment of time and capital. The infrastructure and operational costs associated with industry leading SIEM solutions often increase the investment cost by 4X above the cost of the software.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE) has developed a breakthrough solution that has helped the third largest bank in the United States (by Total Assets) scale its machine-generated data ingestion rates from 150TB/day, where its legacy system was breaking, to 400 TB/day, with 99.999% system availability and 99.999999999% data durability. This solution is now scalable and available to meet the requirements of enterprises of all sizes.

Join Dave Shore, Director of HPE GreenLake Cloud Services, and Marty Poniatowski, Senior Director and HPE Chief Technologist, to learn about HPE’s optimized solution for Splunk and its feature benefits, including: