The Zero Trust Challenge for Hybrid Cloud :: Rochester Security Summit

The Zero Trust Challenge for Hybrid Cloud

Presented by William Malik

The hybrid cloud now handles much that was formerly done by the in-house IT organization. From an infrastructure and operations perspective however, oversight and management are more challenging than ever. During this talk, we will discuss the elements of conventional I&O that must remain – although transformed – when migrating increasing portions of an organization’s workload to hybrid cloud. We will focus on information security, and in particular the architectural challenge that zero trust places on conventional information security architectures, procedures, staffing, and audit. We will close with some hints and tips to smooth the passage to this superior cybersecurity approach.

William Malik

William Malik is VP of Infrastructure Strategies at Trend Micro. As a founder of Gartner’s Information Security Strategies service, Bill has deep expertise in information security matters. He has spoken internationally on information security, identity management, privacy, business continuity, and enterprise architecture. During his IBM career he guided the mainframe operating system zOS (then MVS) through the process leading to a NIST/NSA B1-level security rating. He taught a graduate class on Information Security Policy at Georgia Tech and authored the chapter “Information Security Policy in the US National Context” for the text “Information Security: Policy, Processes, and Practices,” Detmar Straub, et al., editors. M. E. Sharpe, 2008.