The Rochester Security Summit is a community focal point for education and awareness in collaboration with higher education, business and industry partners, held during National Cyber Security Awareness Month. The 2017 summit is generously supported by:

  • The Rochester Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association (ISSA)
  • The Rochester Chapter of the Open Web Application Security Project (OWASP)

Past collaboration partners have also included:

  • Rochester InfraGard
  • ISACA Western New York Chapter
  • Rochester Institute of Technology
  • University of Rochester Information Technology Office
  • Many Area businesses and organizations

The Summit features speakers and panels to help educate area security and IT professionals, business managers, organizations and our community on how to protect information systems and data. For more information contact us.  Sponsors are vital for a quality event and we provide an exhibit area for attendees to learn more from technology leaders.  For more information about becoming a sponsor please see sponsorships.  We invite you to participate in our programs as a volunteer in the planning and event efforts. With your help and support, your organization and our community can benefit from greater security practices.

History of the Summit

  • Started in 2006
  • Fostered by Rochester Chapter of the Information Systems Security Association and local non-profit organizations
  • Planning Committee includes over 20 people from higher education, business, education, and area organizations.

Special thanks to the many people involved, including the following:

2017 General Planning Committee

  • Summit Chair – Rich Savacool, Nixon Peabody (ISSA)
  • Dennis Allen, CERT (ISSA)
  • Pete Capelli, Catholic Health System (ISSA)
  • Meg Ceccanti, PayChex (ISSA)
  • Rick Coloccia, SUNY Geneseo (InfraGard)
  • Ralph Durkee, Durkee Consulting, Inc. (OWASP, ISSA, ISACA)
  • David Frier, Xerox
  • Cynthia Harris, Xerox (ISACA, PMI)
  • Lillian Isacks, Cornell University (ISSA, OWASP, InfraGard)
  • John King, RIT (ISSA, OWASP, InfraGard)
  • Mary Beth King
  • Heather Klem, Windstream (ISSA)
  • Larry Kovnat, Conduent (ISSA, ISACA)
  • Phil LaGraff, Xerox (ISSA, Infragard)
  • Michael Laird, Xerox (retired) (OWASP)
  • Keith McCullum, Protiviti (ISSA, OWASP)
  • Tim Minsterman, Nixon Peabody (ISSA)
  • Bruce Nelson
  • Gary Pecor, Xerox (retired)
  • Joe Pierson, Xerox (ISSA, Infragard)
  • Charles Profit
  • Jim Raub, Eagle Dream (ISSA, ISACA)
  • Jim Reilly, Dell Secureworks
  • Dawn Savacool
  • Rich Savacool, Nixon Peabody (ISSA)
  • Mary Schaffer, Excellus BCBS (ISSA, Infragard, ISACA)
  • Greg Stachura, University of Rochester (ISSA, Infragard)
  • Al Sukert, Xerox
  • Michael Szustakowski, Paychex
  • Holly Turner, Xerox (ISSA, ISACA, ISC2, PMI)
  • Annette Warren, iSECURE, LLC (ISSA)
  • Jason Woodson, NTT Security

Program Committee

  • Chair – Ralph Durkee
  • Dennis Allen
  • Rich Savacool
  • John King
  • Larry Kovnat
  • Al Sukert

Sponsorship Committee

  • Chair – Keith McCullum
  • Lillian Isacks

Logistics Committee

  • Chair – Tim Minsterman
  • Cynthia Harris
  • Heather Klem
  • Michael Laird
  • Michael Szustakowski

Other Committees

  • AV / Wifi – Joe Pierson
  • Editing – Mary Beth King
  • Event Photography – Bruce Nelson
  • Finance – Phil LaGraff
  • Program Brochure – Dawn Savacool
  • Printing – Jim Reilly
  • Registration – Mary Schaffer, Gary Pecor, Phil LaGraff
  • Summit Spokesperson – Holly Turner
  • Surveys – Rick Coloccia
  • Swag – David Frier
  • Venue – Meg Ceccanti, Phil LaGraff
  • Volunteers Coordinator – Jim Raub
  • Web – John King