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Johannes Ullrich — “We are Winning!”
Mark Leary
Caleb Barlow
Mark Villinski — “Top 10 Tips for Educating Employees about Cybersecurity”

Business Track

B1 “The Top 5 Strategies for Managing CyberSecurity Risks” (Hessney)
B2 “Next-Generation Firewall Architecture— Can a NGFW Really Help?” (Zanella)
B3 “Effective System Implementation Through the Application of System Implementation Quality Assurance” (Hansen)
B4 “Hell is Empty and All the Devils are Here” (Harnish)
B5 “The Evolving Technology of Small Unmanned Aerial Vehicles” (Pitre)
B6 “BYOD – It’s Not so Hard!” (Wilkins)
B7 “Legal and Ethical Issues in Technologically Intensive Environments with a Focus on Privacy” (Oliver)
B8 “Moving from Breach Prevention to Breach Acceptance” (Hanway)

Technical Track

T1 “OWASP Application Security – Building and Breaking Applications” (Durkee)
T2 “Preventing the Next Prison Break” (Johnson)
T3 “Is Your Data Secure?” (Meine)
T4 “BASC Presentation on Security and Application Architecture” (Williams)
T5 “Debunking the Myths of Mobile Security” (Johnson)
T6 “Dissecting Cryptowall” (Bilogorskiy) 
T7 “802.1X and Beyond!” (Antoniewicz)
T8 “Pretending To Be A Terrorist – The Jihadist Adventures of Tyler & Steve” (Stasiukonis)

Threat Landscape Track

TL1 “How Threat Intelligence Affects Business Risk” (Bowers)
TL2 “Threats: Malice, Mistakes, and Mountain Lions” (Gold)
TL3 “The Onslaught of Cyber Security Threats and What that Means to You” (Borgesen)
TL4 “Crack the Code and Defeat the Advanced Adversary” (Yunghans)
TL5 “Closing the Threat Gap: A 21st Century Approach to Minimizing Risk” (Arden)
TL6 “A Practical Approach to Designing Secure Networks, in a World with an Impractical Challenge” (Luz)
TL7 “DDOS an Operational Overview” (Cassera)
TL8 “Mobile Data Leakage: What Are You Leaking and Who’s Watching…” (Mislan)

Security Governance Track

SG1 “Passwords – History and Future” (Frier)
SG2 “Threat Intelligence and its Role in Your Overall Security Strategy” (Collins)
SG3 “Mitigating Legal Risk Created By Evolving Technology” (Martinez/Roman)
SG4 “NodeJS Security” (Ross)
SG5 “Beyond the Hype – Modern Cybersecurity Threats and How to Combat Them” (Ruiz)
SG6 “Balancing Privacy and Security In the Age of Cyber Security Information Sharing” (Spells)
SG7 “Minimizing Risk Through Vulnerability Management” (Lucas)
SG8 “Digital Self Defense: Overview of Security Awareness at RIT” (Woelk)

In-Depth Training

IT1 “Incident Response Table Top Exercise” (Flory)
IT2 “How to Create a Pentesting Lab” (Janes)