Diana Kelley – IoT Security – Why We Need It and How to Get Started
Jeremiah Grossman – An Insider’s Guide to Cyber-Insurance and Security Guarantees

Business Track

B1 – Bulls(***) on Parade: Security Theater Academy Awards (Reg Harnish)
B2 – Securing Mobile Devices and the Enterprise Endpoint (Daniel Colonnese)
B3 – The Ever Changing Security Landscape (Jonathan Borgesen)
B4 – Stop Reading about The Internet of Things and Start Doing Something About It (Andrew Phillips)
B5 – Beyond the Checkbox: Building an Information Security Culture (Charles Profitt)
B6 – Backups: An IT Person’s Life Insurance (John D. Flory & Jeff Miller)
B7 – Survive the Trenches of Zero-day Exploits (Vic Chung)
B8 – Pandora’s Box Also Contained Hope​ (David C. Frier)
B9 – Trends in Effective Malware Detection and Incident Response (John Otte)

Technical Track

T1 – Leveraging Recursive File Scanning Frameworks to Amplify Reverse Engineering Results (Jason Batchelor & Joshua Acklin)
T2 – Modeling, Building, and Securing the Internet for Cyber Training Exercises (Ryan Lehman)
T3 – Bitclamp: A Permanent and Anonymous Publishing Platform Over Bitcoin (Joe Testa)
T4 – Story of Indicators – The Gaza Hackers (AKA Xtreme RAT) (Nir Yosha)


O1 – Introduction to Application Security and OWASP Top 10 Risks, Part 1 of 2 (Ralph Durkee)
O2 – Introduction to Application Security and OWASP Top 10 Risks, Part 2 of 2 (John King)
O3 – Common Developer Crypto Mistakes (Kevin W. Wall)
O4 – #DevOpsSec – Killing the Buzz? (Jason Ross)
O5 – Web Application Firewall Evaluation with DevOps, SDLC and the New OWASP Core Rule Set (Chaim Sanders)

Compliance & Risk Management Track

C1 – “What would you say…you do here?” Explaining Security to Management – and Vice Versa (Matt DeMatteo)
C2 – Vendor Risk: The Back Door You Can’t Leave Unlocked (Reg Harnish)
C3 – Managing Cyber Risk from a Legal Perspective (F. Paul Greene)
C4 – Custom Frameworks, Compliance, and Critical Controls (Michael Montagliano & Jeanne Morelli)

Cyber Defense & Threat Landscape Track

TH1 – The Effects of Zero-Day Attacks (Trevor Smith & Michael Poczobut)
TH2 – Next Step in Cyber Defense & Response (Len Rosenberg)
TH3 – Public Sector Cybersecurity – Do We Really Have to Worry? (Daniel Whalen)
TH4 – SIEM Best Practices and Integration Strategies (Steve Lay)
TH5 – Penetration Testing and Shooting Fish in a Barrel (Kevin Wilkins)