Kelly Shortridge
Russ McRee
David Kennedy

Business Track

B1 – Code Blue Clear: How One Hospital Survived the Largest Ransomware Attack in History (Reg Harnish)
B2 – Improving Risk Assessments with Cyber Threat Intelligence (Del Russ)
B3 – Homegrown Cyber Security (John Folkerts)
B4 – Security Mindfulness (Dwayne Foley)
B5 – Application Security – It’s Not Just for Developers Anymore (Danny Harris)

Deterrence Track

D1 – When Current Security Practices Undermine Cyber Deterrence (Altaz Valani)
D2 – Deterring Cyber Criminals, Penetration Testers, and APT’s with Defense in Depth (Joe Christian)
D3 – The Misnomer of Corporate Cyber Deterrence (Eric J.T. Caballero)
D4 – Full Disclosure (David Frier)

Technical Track

T1 – Systematic Network Security Troubleshooting (Jason Woodson)
T2 – Problems With Elliptic Curves In TLS and SSH (Joe Testa)
T3 – Providing Email Security On The Cheap (Chaim Sanders)
T4 – Responding to Cyber Attack at Machine Speed (Duncan Sparrell)
T5 – Dodging a Bullet: Avoiding The New Security Issues In IPV6 DHCP (Joseph Mayes)

OWASP Application Security Track

O1 – Beyond the Top 10 (John N. King, Mary Beth King)
O2 – Do’s & Don’ts: Performing Effective Risk Assessments (Daniel Gibson)
O3 – How Billion Dollar Enterprises Manage Application Security at Scale (Altaz Valani)
O4 – Almost Intractable Application Security Problems… and Solutions (Danny Harris)

Risk & Compliance Track

RC1 – Understanding New York State’s 2017 Cyber Security Regulation (John Roman, Jenny Holmes)
RC2 – Risk Assessment and Business Impact Analysis using PMI (Project Management Institute) (Michael C. Redmond)
RC3 – Do You Have a Pathway to Data Security and Compliance? (Ron Arden)
RC4 – Farming The Land: How Adversaries Shape Your Environment To Suit Their Goals (Matt DeMatteo)
RC5 – Too Many Cops on the Cyber Beat: the Hyper-Complexity of Cybersecurity Regulation (F. Paul Greene)

Security Management & Operations

SO1 – Practical Incident Response: An Interactive Tabletop Exercise (John D. Flory III, Jeff Miller)
SO2 – Social Media Security Policies, the Art of Herding Cats (Chaim Sanders)
SO3 – Closing the Cybersecurity Talent Gap: An RIT Approach (Dr. Bo Yuan)
SO4 – Physical Security Today & Considerations for the Future (Sean Patton)

Artificial Intelligence Presentation

Deep Learning Neural Networks in Cybersecurity (Ladi Adefala)