Samy Kamkar
Rich Smith
Mark Weatherford
Deborah Snyder

Business: Adapting to Change

A1 – Cybersecurity Training for the Enterprise (Dennis M. Allen)
A2 – Implementing MFA (Massively Favored Authentication) at RIT (Laura O’Donnell, Clay Cooper)
A3 – Making Sense of Multi Factor Authentication (John D. Flory III, Jeff Miller)
A4 – The Evolution of Segmentation: How Network Segmentation and Micro-Segmentation Aid in Threat Isolation and a Secure Posture (Matt Ostrowski)
A5 – Integrating Third Party Scoring Services into Your Enterprise KPIs (Joe Corsi, Tony Karakashian)
A6 – Bug Bounty at my Org? It’s More Likely Than You Think (Ashley Rider, Andrew Durgin)
A7 – Be a Hero with DMARC: Save Your Customers and Partners from Internet Villains! (Stephen Mitchell)

Business: Agility via DevOps

B1 – Security and Chaos Engineering (Sean Atkinson)
B3 – Five Steps to a More Secure DevOps Environment (Bill Malik)
B4 – Don’t Call Me a Firewall: A Formula for Creating Cybersecurity Superheroes (Brian Murphy)

Business: Governance, Risk, & Compliance

B5 – Small Business Privacy and the GDPR: How Did We Get Here? (Chaim Sanders)
B6 – The New Security Frontier: Threat Hunting, Augmented Intelligence, and Automated Response (Michael Melore)
B7 – Sex, Lies and Mobile Devices: The Seedy Underworld of Mobile [In]security (Daniel Gibson)
B8 – Time Is Not on Your Side – The Legal Risk of Ransomware (F. Paul Greene)

Technical Track

T1 – Advanced Penetration Testing Techniques (Joe Testa)★ UPDATED Oct 11 ★
T2 – SME to Lead, Tips for New Technical Mangers (Dennis M. Allen)
T3 – Employing Digital Workers for Security Automation (Jonathan Borgesen)
T4 – Machine Learning in Information Security (Dain Perkins)
T5 – Exploring How Memory-Mapped Files Hide From Antivirus and Execute Malicious Code (Ben Holder)
T6 – Adopting AWS – Learn How to Deploy AWS Services Securely (Jeremiah Sahlberg)
T7 – Building the Panopticon: Logging and Alerting With Free Tools (Matthew Gracie)

OWASP AppSec Track

O1 – What is the Android Colluded Applications Attack and How to Detect It (Igor Khokhlov, Leon Reznik)
O2 – Pentesting DevOps: Attacking Containers and Container Orchestration (Mark Manning)
O3 – Rocking The (Vox)Vote (Jason Ross)
O4 – Your Apps Have Gone Serverless. Has Your Security? (Tal Melamed)
O5 – Techniques Criminals Use to Break Authentication and How to Defend Against These Attacks (Danny Harris) ★ UPDATED Oct 11 ★
O6 – The Industrialization of Red and Blue Teaming (Ashley Zaya)

Solutions & Demonstrations

S1 – Putting the “Pro” in Proactive: Building A Next-Gen Cybersecurity Program (GreyCastle Security)