W-9 (PDF)


Sponsorship Information

The Rochester Security Summit seeks to provide high quality opportunities to it’s attendees in an effort to advance the field of information security. Sponsors are key partners that have helped the summit flourish over the past few years. It is with the aid of sponsors that we are able to not only provide high quality speakers and keynotes, but also host the event at a high quality establishment with small giveaways and excellent food.

In an effort to make sure the event stays sold out we ask that sponsors reach out to their customers to get the word out about the event.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in sponsoring this event and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to your individual Sponsorship Committee member, or
sponsorship@rochestersecurity.org with any questions.

Important Dates

Please note that each higher level includes all important dates in the levels below it.

Diamond and Platinum

  • Solutions and Demo Track abstract and speaker bio needed by 9/25/2017  if you want the information in the official program and on the official schedule.

Gold and Higher

  • Insert for Conference Bags (see restriction in Bag Insert section below): Due at Hyatt using provided yellow label by 10/18/2017
  • Indication of which track the sponsor would like to be mentioned at (see Summit Opportunities section for details): 10/18/2017
  • Print Ad (see size in Advertising Opportunities section below): 9/25/2017

Silver and Higher

  • Indication if a banner will be provided to display at a track of your choice: 10/18/2017
  • Logo (EPS file approximately 4” wide and at least 200 DPI): ASAP or 9/25/2017 at latest for printed material
  • Participation in prize giveaway? If so which option (see Prize Giveaway section) Notification due by 9am 10/20/2017


Pricing Structure

Level Price
Diamond $8,000
Platinum $5,000
Gold $3,500
Silver $2,500

Included Benefits

Summit Opportunities The following summit opportunities are available to the sponsor. These opportunities will provide a high level of exposure to all summit attendees. Note that with the exception of summit passes, all opportunities in lower sponsorship levels are included in the levels above.


  • Extra mention at the keynote session
  • Company banner to be displayed at the Keynote (sponsor must provide banner)
  • Sponsorship of the morning coffee break on the first day of the summit (Placard will be displayed at each station thanking the sponsor for sponsoring the break)
  • Five complimentary summit passes

Platinum and above

  • Vendor Track presentation slot included
  • Four complimentary summit passes

Gold and above

  • Opportunity to provide an insert for the conference bags given to all summit attendees. See item restrictions in Bag Insert section below.
  • An extra mention prior to the introduction of each speaker at a track of your choice.
  • Three complimentary summit passes


  • Banner at track of your choice for the entire two days of the summit (sponsor must provide banner)
  • More than one sponsor may share the table
  • Breakfast and lunch included for both days of the summit
  • Level limited to six sponsors
  • Two complimentary summit passes1

1 Conference Passes can be used as credit toward admission costs for any number of people. For example, a single conference pass can be split to give three people $83.33 each off admission. Specify how you want to use your passes at the time of purchase; we will generate discount codes in the amount and denomination you desire.


Exhibit Area Opportunities: The opportunities will provide exposure to an estimated 200 conference attendees.

  • Placement of vendor table
    • Diamond: First choice in table placement
    • All other sponsors will be ranked based on sponsorship level followed by payment date. Tables will then be assigned based on this ranking order. Sponsors may request tables, however there is no guarantee the requested table will be available.
  • Diamond: option to purchase an additional vendor table for a discounted additional investment of $1400 depending on availability of space.


Advertising Opportunities: The following advertising opportunities are available to the all sponsors. (Deadlines apply and exceptions based on level noted)

  • On-Site Advertisement – Opportunity to provide a company profile featured in the official summit program
    • Ads are in color, should have no bleed and no trim marks.
      • Diamond Level: Full page (4.8” W x 7.2” H) submitted in EPS format
      • Platinum Level: Half page (4.8” W x 3.2” H) submitted in EPS format
      • Gold Level: Quarter page (2.125” W x 3.2” H) submitted in EPS format
      • Silver Level: Not offered
  • Attendee Program – Highlighted logo placement in the official summit program tiered by sponsorship level
  • Web Site – Highlighted acknowledgement of your company’s sponsorship level on the official RSS website
  • Access to post-event attendee list2

2 Attendee work contact information provided during registration is included; Attendees have the option of not having email
address included


Bag Inserts

Each attendee and speaker will receive a bag upon check in at the event, with a limited number of bags available to sponsors. The bags will contain the official summit program, the official summit schedule and other freebies provided by RSS. Gold level and above sponsors have the opportunity to supply an item for the bag.

Please follow the below guidelines for providing bag inserts:

  • There will be 350 bags to fill, so please send for that amount. Any materials designated for your booth should be packaged separately.
  • Papers, including brochures or pamphlets, should be limited to 5 pages unless cleared with the RSS sponsorship committee first. All papers should be stapled together as assembling up to 5 separate papers while also adding other items to more than 350 bags greatly increases the work to get all bags stuffed prior to the event.
  • Non-paper items, including trinkets, key chains, etc. should be small or thin enough that they allow the bags to lay flat on their side. For instance, mugs would be too large and bulky to allow the bags to lay flat. Since space is at a premium we do not have the capacity to store bulky items in bags, as it would greatly increase the size necessary to store bags during registration.
  • All items must be delivered to the Hyatt using the yellow shipping label provided by the RSS Sponsorship committee that specifically denotes the items are Bag Inserts, by the time specified in the Important Deadlines section above. If the item is not marked as a Bag Insert using the yellow label, or is not received by the deadline then the item may not be included in the bags.


Extra Opportunities to Gain More Visibility

  • Lanyards – Every badge gets a lanyard, this is your opportunity to have your name around everyone’s neck for the entire summit. If you already have lanyards we will need approximately 350, or we can arrange a price based on the cost to have
    them made. These are due at the Hyatt by 9/30/2017
  • Logo/Name on Bags – Have your logo beside the official RSS logo on bags given out to every attendee. Cost is $2000 with due date of 6/15/2017 and there may be restrictions or extra costs dependent upon need colors for screen printing.
  • Seat Drop at Track of Choice – Have one page of printed material placed on each seat of a track of your choice prior to two back to back speakers. $1500, limit of 3 sponsors.
  • Sponsor a coffee break – Give all the attendees a special treat of coffee or soda and a small snack. A placard will be placed at each station denoting your sponsorship of this particular treat. Limit of 3 slots $1200 each.
  • Bag Insert – If your sponsorship level doesn’t provide the ability to place an item (described in the section above) in all the bags given to attendees during registration then add it on now! Cost is $600.
  • Additional Passes – Need more people in your entourage, reach out to your sponsorship committee member for the current cost of additional passes.

Day of the Event

Tell me about the booth…

The booth area will comfortably fit the provided table (6’ x 36”). The table will be covered with a black linen table cloth. Two chairs will be set up behind the table. Additional chairs can be requested. Wireless Internet access will be available. Booths do not include power hookups, unless specifically requested. Please send a note to the sponsorship email above if you need wired access for your booth. Booth backs and dividers are NOT provided, but you are welcome to bring your own.

Booth Setup

Setup can begin at 7am on October 19th, 2017

Booth Storage Overnight

Since the summit spans 2 days, sponsors are welcome to store their booth materials in one of the storage rooms overnight. Space is limited so booth backs will need to be broken down if you wish to store them overnight. While we have not had incidents in the past, the area can be accessed by guests of the hotel and the public, so it is up to the sponsor to determine if their is a need to store materials in the storage room overnight. RSS is not responsible for lost or stolen items.

Booth Breakdown

Booths should be operational and staffed until the end of day on October 20th, 2017.



Please label all packages shipped here as follows, and be sure a return address is included:

Sender’s Company & Return Address
On Site Receiver’s Name
ISSA Rochester Chapter Convention
℅ Takeya Galloway
Hyatt Regency Rochester
125 East Main Street
Rochester, NY  14604


After the event, boxes can be brought to the Hyatt’s front desk (the hotel’s front desk, NOT the RSS desk) to be picked up by UPS or FedEx. Shipping labels for UPS and FedEx are available at the front desk as well.

Charges and Fees to Be Aware Of

Package Size


(3 Days Before Arrival)


(3 Days After Departure)

Letter $3.00 each
Box $6.00 each $6.00 each + Shipping Charges
Pallet $125.00 each $125.00 each + Shipping Charges
Storage $6.00 per box per day / $125. 00 per pallet per day (2 days are free, after that this charge will start to apply)

Prize Giveaways

During the second day’s lunch and at the conclusion of the summit, the RSS staff will give away door prizes utilizing tickets given to attendees for registering, as well as earned throughout the event for submitting completed surveys.

Sponsors have the opportunity to giveaway their own prizes during this time. The time must be arranged with the RSS Sponsorship committee ahead of time (see deadline in the Important Deadlines section at the beginning of this packet). The sponsor has 3 different choices for how to give away prizes:

  1. RSS staff will pick the winner using the RSS tickets given to attendees.
  2. RSS staff will pick the winner from a fish bowl of business cards supplied by the sponsor.
  3. Sponsor will pick a winner on their own and give the name to RSS staff to announce.
    1. The sponsor can either give the prize to RSS to give away, hand the prize to the winner themselves or the RSS staff can alert the winner the prize will be sent to them from the sponsor.

The sponsor can choose from three different times to give away prizes:

  1. Day one Lunch
  2. Day two Lunch
  3. Day two end of day door prize give away