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Sponsorship Not Yet Open

Sponsorship for RSS:2019 is open!

Please email sponsorship@rochestersecurity.org for more information. Or, to request an invoice, please provide a billing name, address and phone number with your requested level of sponsorship.

Sponsorship for RSS:2019 has sold out. If you would like to be contacted about future opportunities, please register your email address below. Thank you for your interest.

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The Rochester Security Summit is a focal point for information security in New York and surrounding areas. In collaboration with our sponsor partners, the Summit attracts high quality speakers, provides opportunities for education and outreach, and serves a largely technical audience interested in security policies, products, and services. This year, the Summit will again be in the Rochester Convention Center. We expect over 400 attendees in this attractive, convenient, and larger venue.

The Summit has excellent representation across industries and job functions. In 2018, the profile of paid Summit attendees was as follows:

Attendee Profiles by Industry in 2018

  • 13% – Business Services
  •   7% – Consumer Products and Services
  • 17% – Educational Institutions
  • 13% – Financial Institutions and Services
  •   5% – Government
  • 15% – Health Care Services
  • 23% – Technology Companies
  •   7% – Energy, Law, Media, and Other Companies

Attendee Profiles by Job Function in 2018

  • 11% – Executives, e.g., Director, VP, C – level, GM
  •   9% – Computer Security Managers
  • 39% – Computer Security Engineers and Analysts
  •   8% – Software Managers
  • 17% – Software Engineers and Analysts
  • 12% – Business Development and Sales
  •   4% – Other, or not provided

Sponsorship typically sells out in a few weeks so if you are interested, contact us promptly. If you have not already registered your email address and received sponsor updates from us, do so above to stay informed about further information and announcements. We do not share or sell email addresses with anyone.

Last year, around 85% of attendees came from Western New York, e.g., Rochester, Buffalo, Ithaca, and Syracuse. Nearly 10% came from the metropolitan areas of Boston, New York City, Albany, and Washington D.C. Attendees have come from as far north as Toronto, as far west as Detroit, as far east as Boston, and as far south as Austin, TX.

Sponsor Level Benefits & Pricing

The below table describes Rochester Security Summit sponsorship opportunities for this year.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many attendees are expected in 2019?
While registration has not yet opened for the 2019 Conference, we are planning on keeping numbers similar to last year’s numbers. (More than 500 attendees)

How many attended in 2018?
More than 500 attendees

Do we work with a lead generation / scanner service?
We do not currently offer scanners or lead generation tools for sponsors, but do encourage the collection of info through raffle giveaways. We also organize a raffle to encourage attendee visitation to all our different sponsors.
We provide an opt-in only, pre- and post-event contact list to all payed sponsors.

What is information is included in the opt-in contact list?
Name, E-Mail, Job Title, Company, Work Phone

Regarding the Diamond Sponsorship
The Platinum Sponsors interested in being considered for the Diamond Level sponsorship will be entered into a drawing on a date to be determined.

Receipt of Platinum Level payment is required in order to be entered in the drawing. An additional fee will be required, if selected.

Are additional tickets available?

Unfortunately, we do have to limit the number of passes for Sponsor Team Members working behind their tables, because we only have a limited number of tickets available in total and we want as many attendees as possible to be able to come visit our amazing sponsors.

While employees are welcome to purchase tickets at market price and attend the conference as regular attendees; we ask you to be considerate in limiting the number of people you bring to work the event to the number allotted by your sponsorship level.

We appreciate your consideration in this matter.

We sincerely thank you for your interest in sponsoring this event and if you have any questions please feel free to reach out to the Sponsorship Committee at sponsorship@rochestersecurity.org with any questions.